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Seriously passionate about taste, texture, and health

Our expertise
We bake it like we mean it.

At the forefront of all things delicious and nutritious, Spiffy Foods is dedicated to offering gluten-free, GMO gluten-free, vegan bakery products full of great taste, texture and health benefits! With over 10 years of experience in gluten free foods, we truly bake it like we mean it!

With our baking headquarters in Quebec Canada, Spiffy Foods is the newest project from GMC Foods. From product development to customer service we’ve assembled a team of talented All-Stars to deliver the best in gluten free baking.


A trendsetter
Far from the basic sandwich bread.

Spiffy Bakeshop provides creative gluten free bakery products that represent the fun and enjoyment of healthy eating. Distinguished by our unique flour blends, quality ingredients and infamous recipes, Spiffy Bakeshop is a trend-setter in the gluten-free world!

Never compromising on the taste, texture and health benefits of our products each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure top quality and nutrition. From breakfast to dessert we seek to inspire a new gluten free lifestyle in which healthy eating can be fun and tasty. A true trend-setter Spiffy Bakeshop doesn’t try to replicate what has been done, instead we challenge the status quote. Pretty Spiffy Huh?!

Our promise
The Spiffy Bakeshop commitment

  • Barley.svg

    We love to bake, and think that taste should never be compromised. Our passion puts flavour at the top of our list.

    Always searching to be ahead of the crowd we take pride in offering a dynamic portfolio of products full of unique ingredients and awesome flavour.

  • Bread.svg

    Spiffy Bakeshop believes that every bite should be memorable. Thus we strive to bake gluten free products with the perfect texture.

    Moist and squishy, light and fluffy you wont believe our products are gluten free!

  • Kawaii Bread.svg

    We seek to inspire healthier living through healthier eating choices. Bread and bakery is at the heart of every food culture, and we believe it should be an integral part of healthy living. Our products are made with a gluten free lifestyle in mind, and are thus nutritious, free of GMO’s and preservatives, and promote overall wellbeing!

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