Trends and Developments In the Gluten-Free Holistic Movement

In recent years, the gluten-free lifestyle has moved beyond its helpful and healthful impacts of those suffering from celiac disease.

Many with no health problems have found that reducing or eliminating gluten from their diet, in consultation with professional medical input, can enhance health and happiness.

In response, food manufacturers have responded to the growing demand. They have started to broaden the choice and the appeal of gluten-free products. Additionally, they have worked to make those pursuing a gluten-free lifestyle aware of foods that naturally lack gluten. This makes shopping and choosing easier.

We expect to see a number of recent positive trends continue to help people live a healthier life without gluten.

Increasing Space in Convenient and Discount Stores For Gluten-Free Products

With diets eschewing gluten going mainstream across the country, convenient stores and discount stores have taken notice. We see a wider variety of products in these establishments than ever before.

Although known best for quick unhealthy and processed snack foods, it is refreshing to see convenient stores expanding their selection of beneficial and healthy choices.

More Emphasis on Healthy Snack Foods

Food companies for years concentrated their gluten-free production efforts on main meals. Recently, however, they have made strong strides in producing a wider variety of tasty snack foods.

We now see a vastly improved selection of favorites, such as cookies, sweet treats, crackers, trail mixes, and more. Companies going forward will continue to find ways to pair up gluten-free snack foods with tasty items that naturally lack gluten.

Those with celiac disease and food allergies, however, need to remain aware that gluten-free does not automatically mean hypo allergenic. Food allergy sufferers need to continue to check ingredients to make sure they are safe to consume.

Improved Diagnosis and Treatment of Celiac Disease

Another important trend lies in the improved diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease. This lifestyle transforming condition brings suffering to millions per year. Only now do we have the capability of fully and accurately diagnosing celiac disease. Increased awareness of the condition and its symptoms also contributes to better treatment.

With improved diagnosis and treatment come millions more who need education and understanding of how a gluten-free lifestyle can maintain their health and prevent the agonising symptoms of celiac disease.

What We Do to Help

At Spiffy Bakeshop, we work hard to stay ahead of the curve in terms of creating top quality baked goods, as well as promoting some of the best quality and most delicious products for the lifestyle.

More importantly, we serve as a center for educating the entire public about the benefits eating healthier, as well as the dangers of celiac disease. Even the media has at times showed a lack of knowledge or compassion for those who suffer from this disease.

We see it as part of our mission to make sure that our customers and the community at large develop understanding and awareness.

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