Where Can I Buy Vegan Bread? Spiffy Foods!

Bread is one of the most beloved foods on the planet. Fresh baked bread, white bread, wholegrain bread, bread bread and more bread. The only downside to bread is that it isn't always good for you...or is it?

We here at Spiffy have perfected our gluten-free, preservative-free baked goods recipes, and we want to share our food with you! Why opt for Spiffy bread over your typical preservative heavy bread? Read on and find out.

Gluten and Digestive Health

There are several health benefits to choosing gluten-free products over those that are gluten-based. The two major benefits are that eating gluten-free can make you feel more energetic, and it can aid in your digestive health. Millions of Canadians suffer from digestive issues, and so many are finding that eating gluten-free has completely changed how they feel in their day to day. The only way to see how going gluten-free can benefit you is to give it a try!

Living with Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune intestinal disorder that affects over 300,000 people in Canada alone. Caused by an intolerance to gluten, people with celiac disease can't eat gluten-based foods without experiencing unfortunate side effects, such as inflammation and organ issues.

By gluten-based, we mean any product that uses wheat, barley, rye, oats, and triticale. When comparing gluten-free bread to gluten-based bread, it's important to make note of the massive group of people who simply can't consume gluten-products. We weren't able to accept that some people had to go without bread, so we've made a gluten-free bread that tastes just like the recipes you know and love. With our natural ingredients, everyone gets to enjoy a slice.

Natural Ingredients vs Preservatives

Spiffy bread is made with natural ingredients and absolutely NO preservatives. Our food is made with love. An important part of that love is being conscious about the ingredients we use. This is why our baked goods are gluten-free and GMO-free. There's no reason bread can't be both nutritious AND delicious.

In fact, we're so devoted to using natural ingredients that we've created our own vegan bread! The Glorious Vegan sliced bread is just the first of our vegan products, which we aim to create more of in the near future.

Does Gluten-Free Bread Taste as Good?

So by now you probably believe us that gluten-free bread is better for you, but does it taste as good? We don't blame you for assuming otherwise. There are a lot of assumptions out there about gluten-free and vegan food products in terms of their taste and texture.

That being said, we're incredibly proud of the delicious recipes that we've developed in our baking headquarters in Quebec, Canada. We use all the best gluten-free baking methods, including the use of unique flour blends and high-quality natural ingredients.

We're able to give you the amazing taste and texture you expect from bread, as well as from our other bakery products. You don't have to sacrifice flavor in order to eat well. Eating healthy can be delicious, fun, and adventurous. We're here to set trends and challenge assumptions with our stellar bread baking skills.

Order from Anywhere

Ever find yourself wondering "where can I buy vegan bread"? The search can be pretty tiring depending on where you live, but you'll never have to look again. Spiffy is going beyond our bakeshop. We're selling our baked goods online and sending them to stores across the country. We want you to always have access to a healthy bread option, no matter what corner of the country you live in.

Try Spiffy Bread Today!

Looking to try a new kind of bread that'll change up your diet for the better? Place your order today or see which stores carry Spiffy bread. If you have any questions or comments about our products and recipes, you can contact us through our email at clients@spiffybakeshop.com, or by using our online form.

We love talking about bread, so please don't hesitate to reach out!

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